Bathroom Remodeling Projects

2017 CotY Winner Bath Remodel

2017 Miami Valley CotY Bathroom Remodel Winner

Part two of our Contractor of the Year (CotY) Award showcasing features our 2017 Miami Valley CotY Residential Bathroom remodel winner $25,000-$50,000. The homeowner of this modest master bath had visions of grandeur and elegance when she selected her materials to finish her new bathroom. There was no additional square footage to be spared to enlarge the […]

RDI Proudly Receives Three Miami Valley CotY Remodeling Awards

Last night at the 2015 Miami Valley Contractor of the Year Awards, Remodeling Designs was graciously awarded three of the distinguished awards.  Hosted by the Miami Valley National Association of Remodeling Institute (NARI), we are thrilled with coming home with such great accolades.  The award categories included: Residential Kitchen $75,000-$100,000 Residential Bath $60,000 and Over Universal […]

Wilmington Kitchen, Family Room & Laundry Room- Project Complete

Our kitchen, family room and laundry room project has come a very long way since we started remodeling.  The layout is completely different in the home and much more functional for our client.  To understand the progression of the remodel, read our demolition post to see where we started. Brian did a great job of remodeling […]

West Chester Kitchen/Office – Demolition

Brian is back with a new kitchen project, ironically, in West Chester.  Our client had some unique needs that had to be met in order to make this a success.  We are not only remodeling a kitchen, but we’re also converting a rarely used dining room into a home office.   Our client is very […]

West Chester Kitchen – Project Complete

The West Chester project has been completed!  It has come a long way from the closed-in kitchen with an island.  The space is now properly lit and gives our client ample space to move around in the wheel chair.      The finish plumbing fixtures and appliances have been installed and all ties together very […]

Beavercreek Master Bedroom/Bathroom Project – Complete

After a few last-minute plumbing fixtures issues, the Beavercreek project has been completed.  The lavatory sink spigots we originally chose didn’t allow enough space between the water stream and the back of the sink to be comfortable.  It was a lesson learned for us, so we replaced them with faucets that reached further out into the […]

Beavercreek Master Bathroom/Bedroom, Hall Bath and Upstairs Project – Built-In Cabinetry

After waiting very patiently over the last couple weeks, our clients’ built-in cabinetry in the master bedroom has finally been installed.  They have gotten rid of all their free-standing dressers and replaced them with these beautiful Omega Dynasty cabinets. The style is Brookside Square with Cherry wood and a Nutmeg stain.  The drawers are all Slab […]

Beavercreek Master Bathroom/Bedroom, Hall Bath and Upstairs Project – Finish Shower Tile and Complete Hall Bath

The master bathroom in Beavercreek is moving along very, very well.  The major changes in this week’s blog shows the finished shower tile.   The detail Brian has put into making every single piece perfect is exactly what you want when you’ve got a more complicated tile design. For example, the niche in this shower just […]

Beavercreek Master Bathroom/Bedroom, Hall Bath and Upstairs Project – Cabinets and Countertops

Cabinets and the beautiful granite countertops have been installed in both the master bathroom and hall bathroom.  Now we can really start to see these two rooms taking shape.  Finish details are still yet to be completed, but cabinets and countertops make such a huge difference. Take a look at the tile detail around the […]