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Ultimate Bathroom Luxury – The Kohler Numi

Technology has been booming the last twenty years bringing us devices and features that are daily necessities with our smartphones, tablets and laptops.  But what about the bathroom?  Is the future of bathrooms about to get more techy?

Kohler is trying to make it a reality.  The new Kohler Numi toilet is the Rolls Royce of toilets.  The suped-up, technological toilet brings all the bells and whistles to the bathroom.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFRC37si8xw]

The household battle of leaving the seat up/down becomes a non-issue with the Numi.  When you enter the room, the toilet will automatically open from its cover and the seat can be raised or lowered, all hands-free. And you know that awful feeling of the freezing cold toilet seat?  Not with the Numi!  To create the ultimate experience, the toilet seat is heated as well as passing warm air through the bottom towards your feet to heat the floor.  Luxury at its finest!

Kohler Numi

Why not listen to your favorite music at the same time while on the toilet?  Built-in speakers play your favorite tunes via an auxiliary port in which you can connect your mp3 player/smartphone.  You also have the ability to choose your favorite FM radio station.

The Numi also embraces the latest in hygiene with a bidet .  It is completely adjustable for wand position, water pressure and temperature to your liking.  After the self-cleaning wand is done washing, air is circulated to dry you off, feeling cleaner than when you started.  The Numi also pulls air through its charcoal filter to help deodorize while in use.

Kohler Numi Bidet

Control your flush settings, music, bidet, lighting and all other features for your Numi right from the remote control.  You can setup users with individual settings for each one.  When you enter the bathroom, just choose your user on the remote and your saved default settings will be used.

Kohler Numi Remote

You can own the Kohler Numi toilet for a cool $6,500.  Kohler understands that there is a specific market for their high-tech toilet that won’t make it a major seller.  However, the Numi provides comfort and technology that those people who do purchase the toilet, will soon not know how they went to the bathroom without these features.

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