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Beavercreek Master Bathroom/Bedroom Project – Complete

After a few last-minute plumbing fixtures issues, the Beavercreek project has been completed.  The lavatory sink spigots we originally chose didn’t allow enough space between the water stream and the back of the sink to be comfortable.  It was a lesson learned for us, so we replaced them with faucets that reached further out into the sink bowl.  We also wanted the Roman Tub spigot to match as well and that was the item that took the longest to get delivered.

So, here we are in their new, beautiful bathroom with a luxurious shower and tub.  Tile and grouting have been complete.  The grout we use is called Quartz Lock and it’s a polyurethane based grout, which means it’s a water-resistant product.  Another benefit is that it’s stain resistant as well.   That doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean it, but it is a great product that will stand the test of time.



Doors, drawers, mirrors and light fixtures have all been installed in the vanity area to really finish off that look.


The master bedroom built-in furniture is complete with all doors, drawers and hardware.  Talk about storage!  You can store everything from clothes, to shoes, to hats to whatever else your imagination can dream up.  The window seat is a great touch that also provides storage.


The master bedroom, hallway, and three other bedrooms throughout the upstairs have all received plush new carpet.  The carpet they chose is called Parabus Best Tigressa Berber Fleck in the color Pebble, and, from what the clients says, it hides everything.  Nobody wants to feel like they constantly have to clean, so this has been a wonderful addition to their entire second floor.

The hall bathroom was finished much quicker than the master bathroom and turned out very nicely.


Brian and his help did a wonderful job on this project and our client is very happy with the final results. If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to comment on any of the posts and I will respond within 24 hours.  I want to thank our clients for allowing me to report on the progress of their project.  Remodeling is a stressful process, but they were wonderful people to work with.

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