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What are you doing this January around your home?

Home projectsGood afternoon and Happy New Year from our family to yours!  I hope your holidays were filled with laughter, family time, and joy.  We were so blessed to be able to spend time with our employees and families at home the last few weeks.  Tell us how your holidays went!  What were some of your favorite moments?

Recently I read an article on Houzz.com titled To-Dos: Your January Home Checklist and had to share it with you.  I found myself relating to many of these tasks that should be done around your house in the month of January.

Christine & BoysThe suggestions Houzz makes in this article about the exterior projects are unfortunately ongoing.  Every time a winter storm hits, we all need to go out and perform the necessary precautions to keep our home safe from leaks and winter damage.

I’m a big believer in decluttering and cleaning.  I may have to credit that to my type A personality.  But there’s just something so rewarding about ridding your life of items that are broken, food that is stale, things you don’t use any longer or clothes you don’t wear.

I’m a Mom of two little inquisitive, adventurous, and curious toddler boys.  The playroom observation that Houzz makes about needing to keep the playroom fresh and new couldn’t be any truer.  We have actually done this in my home to change things up and keep the space interesting.  A fort, easel, chalk board and train table have been added as part of the new floor plan of their playroom.  The train table has so far been used for “dark parties” underneath the table with flashlights, a Lego board to build, and of course new train track configurations.  I’m a big fan of this particular point.

And lastly, Houzz.com suggests to start planning your large scale remodeling projects with their site.  We couldn’t agree more.  Houzz is a fantastic place to save ideas you like and even ones you don’t.  When you begin working with a professional, these saved ideas will help you to communicate with your contractor about how you want your project to look. My company, Remodeling Designs, Inc., is also a fantastic place to start when you’re thinking about a design/build remodeling project.  If we can help you begin developing your ideas, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We can walk you through how the design/build process works and what to expect during your project.  Browse the rest of our website for more information and let us know how we can make your dream, home remodeling projects a reality.

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