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West Chester Kitchen – Finish Cabinets and Paint

Although it hasn’t been too long since the last time we were in West Chester, big changes have taken place.  The first big change is that the upper cabinets are in and the second change is the paint color in the family room!


The upper cabinets are not installed with the doors because it makes them that much heavier.  Our guys all install their cabinets by themselves.  It truly is amazing to see them holding a 36″ x 39″ cabinet in the air against the wall with one hand and screwing it into place on a level line with the other hand.  Then you throw in the difficulties with walls not being square and it can be a bit of a challenge.  The shims, again, are helping to keep them plum with each other.


The cabinets are held about 3″ down from the ceiling in order to give crown molding enough space to be installed.  Again, even the upper cabinets have to be level in order for the crown molding and back splash tile to look right.  Brian will normally draw on the wall exactly where he wants each cabinet so he can visually see the proper spacing while holding them up.

In this cabinet, you’ll see an outlet in the top left-hand corner.  This is for the low-voltage, LED, under-cabinet lighting to be installed later in the project.  This outlet will be linked to a switch on the wall so our clients can turn the under cabinet lights on from there.  They will also have remote control that will dim the lights as well as turn them on and off if they choose.


Our clients chose the light blue color in the family room, along with Beth’s help, to match and coordinate with some artwork that is very special to them.  Now that paint is complete in this room, Brian is ready to start doing finish carpentry and baseboard.

The fireplace tile has begun and the TV mount above has been installed.  The cutout underneath the TV mount is a spot for one of the speakers.  The other two speakers will be going on either side of the TV/fireplace.


The laundry room tile floor has been completely installed.  Brian has not grouted the floor yet, but will be doing that soon.  Most likely, he’ll be waiting until foot traffic coming in and out of the garage door is down to a minimum.  There will be less chance of getting dirty.


The surround sound speakers have also been installed in the ceiling in the front and back of the room.  They are flush with the ceiling and almost disappear.  This will be a great room for 3-D Action movies!


The next major change we’ll be looking forward to will be the granite countertops.  I’ve seen the actual slabs of granite they chose, and the color will absolutely blow your mind!  The granite has tons of movement and lots of character that will blend wonderfully with the cabinets and flooring.  I’m very, very excited (I know our clients are too)!

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