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West Chester Kitchen – Countertops

The biggest story in West Chester are the granite countertops!  The color they chose is called Typhoon Gold which has so much movement and character.  It’s really a beautiful top.


This is a look at the open wall as well as the “Bar” countertop.  The reason we call it a “Bar” countertop is because Beth raised it approximately 6″ above the normal kitchen counter height to 42″.  There is a small hole in the kitchen countertop by the wall; this is for the phone cord.  Our clients still wanted access to their home phone on the peninsula area, so Brian put an outlet in the cabinet beneath it and drilled a hole in the granite so all the cords and plug will be hidden.  It will keep a nice, clean countertop to show off that Typhoon Gold!

The sink they chose is a stainless steel, double bowl sink.  The left bowl is a little larger than the right and the faucet will go behind the right bowl.  Our client chose this sink and configuration based on the way she does her dishes.


The little white things lying on cardboard at the top, right-hand corner of this picture is the backsplash tile.  Brian lays all the tile out first, puts the sealer/color enhancer on it, then cuts each tile.

Brian started installing the backsplash tile right as I walked in to snap pictures. He draws on the drywall where he thinks accent tiles will look best.  Brian also tries to space them out to avoid any electrical outlets.


Unfortunately the pictures don’t do this granite justice.  Look at the movement and color variation!


The next step for Brian will be to install the rest of the backsplash tile and mantle over the fireplace.  The mantle hasn’t been delivered yet, but hopefully it comes in before the end of the week.  It’s all starting to come together!

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