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West Chester Kitchen – Cabinets

Now this is going to be a beautiful kitchen!  Brian has accomplished a lot since our last post.  Once our carpenters get moving on these types of projects, it’s tough to interrupt them.  Brian finished the drywall, moved right into painting, and refinishing the hardwood floors came immediately after that.


Brian has started to set the base cabinets in the kitchen because the countertop measurement is a very critical date.  It takes several weeks for granite countertops to be fabricated and to keep the project moving along, Brian had to get the base cabinets set first.


As you can see, the island has been removed completely and our flooring experts have weaved and blended new flooring with the old.  They sanded, stained, and refinished all the wood floors in the house so it looks as though it has always been that way. Brian takes great pride in protecting the work he’s completed so far.  This is why you see cardboard taped in place to the floor so he can protect them from cabinets, tools, appliances, etc.


The small strips of wood you see underneath the cabinets are called “shims”.  Brian uses these when the floor slopes to make sure all the cabinets are level.  If that does not happen, the countertop, backsplash tile, etc. won’t be level either.  For everything else to be installed correctly, it’s imperative the cabinets are all in one level line.


The beautiful new floors you see below are in the front entry.  Our Designer, Beth, put a lot of thought into the new stain of the floors.  She wanted to blend the floors with the existing wood work in the house as well as compliment the new, lighter, cabinet color.  She ended up choosing a Cinnamon color for the crown molding, which then blended with the floors.  This is going to tie the new kitchen in with the rest of the house.  It will be absolutely gorgeous.

The fireplace is completely framed and has been wired for the television and other audio/visual equipment.  The hearth has been eliminated and porcelain tile will replace the face frame.  The beautiful mantle our clients chose will be installed after the tile.

The next step for Brian will be installing the upper cabinets, countertop and fireplace tile.  This is the really exciting part of a project, when you start to see big changes and the rebuilding starting to take place.  Check back to see how the kitchen transforms again before your eyes!

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