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Erich’s 25 Tips for Cooking Fun #6-10

Erich is back with more essential tips for cooking fun to continue our 25th anniversary!  Find Tips #1-5 here. Enjoy #6-10 below!  Keep coming back for more!

Erich's World Famous Beef Jerky
Erich’s World Famous Beef Jerky

Cooking Tip #6

Know what your guests like

Serve a dish that you know your family and friends will enjoy. Then add some others that perhaps they have never tried – it’s a great way to get them involved in the meal.

Cooking Tip #7

Ask your guests to help

Having your guests help with meal preparation is another way to get them involved. And it really adds to the fun in the kitchen!

Cooking Tip #8

A meal is only as good as its ingredients

Don’t cut corners or buy cheaper spices, meats, vegetables or other ingredients. Fresh is always best, and your guests will taste the difference.

Cooking Tip #9

Plan ahead

Sounds pretty basic, but I’ve been caught without enough of a key ingredient. So I learned to be prepared ahead of time.

Cooking Tip #10

Make ahead

Are you having a dish that you can make the day before? It really saves time!

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