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Erich’s 25 Tips for Cooking Fun #21-25

Sometimes you have to improvise when cooking!  Be flexible and have fun even when challenges appear!
Sometimes you have to improvise when cooking! Be flexible and have fun even when challenges appear.

Erich is back with the conclusion of his top 25 tips for cooking fun.  Read up, experiment, and most of all, make sure you have fun when cooking!

Tip #21

Control your gadgets

There’s a ton of kitchen gadgets and tools on the market. Some of them just take up space! I prefer to do much of my prep work by hand, like chopping food with a knife instead of a food processor. It gives me more control.


Tip #22

Use a collection sheet when baking

OK, so I learned Boston cream pie and baking aren’t for me. But I did learn that cleanup is a lot easier when you put a cookie sheet on the bottom rack!


Tip #23

Configure your kitchen based on how you like to cook

When you cook, is it part of your entertainment? Or do you prefer to cook alone? How you and your family use the kitchen is a key consideration when you’re designing or remodeling the space.


Tip #24

Pick materials that make meal prep more efficient

The choices for kitchens today – gas or electric, high-tech appliances, myriad materials for countertops – can be overwhelming. Your decision will be easier if you pick materials that fit your cooking style.


Tip #25

Cook for fun

For me, cooking is a major stress reliever and a great way to spend time with family and friends. Figure out what fuels you, and then cook up some fun!


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We hope you’ve enjoyed Erich’s cooking tips series.  Hopefully you’ve spent some time in the kitchen experimenting and trying out some of the new tips.

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