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The holidays may be over but the 2016 New Year is upon us and a chance for you to become a new and better cook!  Erich is back to help you along the way with his tips for cooking fun #16-20.

Tip #16

25 Tips for Cooking Fun
Erich loves his wood cutting board and razor-sharp knives. Great tools make cooking a lot easier.

Play with spices

Cumin, nutmeg, smoked salts, Chinese allspice, fresh spices – these are some of my favorites. I enjoy the unique flavors that different spices give foods. Playing with spices is part of the fun!

Tip #17

Try a cast iron skillet

I think flavors are better when you cook with a cast iron skillet. Try it sometime.

Tip #18

Use the right knife

Make sure you have the right knife for the job – you’ll save time and get better results.

Tip #19

Knives should be razor sharp

Sharp knives do a better job. Dull knives are actually more dangerous, so keep knives sharpened. Just be sure to warn your guests if they’re helping in the kitchen!

Tip #20

Wood is good

I’m a fan of wooden cutting boards – I think they provide a better, safer surface. And I prefer the feel of wooden spoons and spatulas.

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