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Erich’s 25 Tips for Cooking Fun #11-15

Ready for the holiday cooking season? Erich is getting really excited and has more of his famous 25 Tips for Cooking Fun!  Find tips #1-5 here.  Enjoy #6-10 here.  Keep coming back for more!


Mix and mingle before eating! Pair cocktails, craft beers and wines with food. It can really enhance the experience.
Have fun mixing and mingling before eating.  Then, pair cocktails, craft beers and wines with the food you are serving. Pairing can really enhance the experience.

Tip #11

Cook in quantity

When you make your base or vegetables ahead of time, do a large quantity. That way, you’ll have plenty for other meals. I cook the vegetables for my Cajun dishes in advance and then freeze what I don’t need.

Tip #12

Don’t worry if your oven gets messy

Sounds silly, but I’ve heard this excuse before. I know we all hate cleaning up, but the possibility of a messy oven has never stopped me!

Tip #13

Don’t have a smoke detector in your kitchen

If you already do, you know what I mean! Of course, do have one nearby.

Tip #14

Cocktail hour is back

What’s old is new – and that includes Manhattans, Rob Roys and Old Fashioneds. Have fun mixing and mingling before eating!

Tip #15

Pairings enhance food

Cocktails, craft beers and wines are fun to pair with foods. The flavors and aromas really do affect the dishes you serve. If you’re not sure how to handle pairings, ask the experts at your favorite grocer or wine and beer store.

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