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Erich’s 25 Tips for Cooking Fun #1-5

To help celebrate our 25th anniversary at Remodeling Designs, Erich has put together a list of 25 Tips for Cooking Fun, 25 Tips for a Successful Remodeling Project, and 25 Tips for Owning a Business.  We will be postings five tips at a time periodically through the year for you to enjoy!  Check back for more!

Remodeling Designs Thanksgiving
Erich carving the RDI Thanksgiving Turkey

Cooking Tip #1 

Make memories

For me, cooking is fun but more importantly, it’s all about being with friends and families. I love getting them involved in the cooking so we not only make great food but great memories.

Cooking Tip #2

Realize what type of cooking you do best

Maybe you’re good at all types of cooking and baking. Not me! Ask me someday about Boston cream pie and how I discovered baking is not “a piece of cake.”

Cooking Tip #3

Be willing to laugh at yourself

That Boston cream pie I still can’t make? It’s one of my funniest stories!

Cooking Tip #4

Try anything once

What’s the worst that can happen? You end up ordering pizza and have a great story to tell!

Cooking Tip #5


I enjoy starting with a recipe and then making it even better. Of course, adding or subtracting ingredients doesn’t work very well in baking!

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