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Centerville Lower Level – Paint and Doors

The Centerville Lower Level is almost complete!  Paint is on the walls, doors and trim have been installed.  It won’t be long now until our clients can move back in to their lower level.


As you can see by the miter saw and nail gun, Chad is still finishing the baseboard and door casing.  Baseboard is installed before carpeting and about a half inch from the sub floor.  The reason for this is so the carpet installers have enough room to tuck the carpet underneath the baseboard.  The baseboard, along with the tack strip, helps to hold the carpet in place.


The doors our clients chose are all nice 6-panel, solid core, stable doors.  The only doors that are not 6-panel are the doors to the storage/utility room and the laundry room.  These rooms need good air circulation and the louvered doors allows that to happen.


The bathroom vanity is something Chad is still working on as well.  The countertop, vanity doors, and faucet still have yet to be installed.  He ran into a bit of a problem because the faucet we helped our clients chose was too tall for the mirror/medicine cabinet to operate.  He couldn’t move the medicine cabinet up because then it would get in the way of the light fixture.  Chad came up with a couple of ideas to solve the problem, so we’ll check back in next week to see how he worked it out.

The carpeting is scheduled to be installed next week.  By that time, Chad will have the trim work and bathroom complete.  The shower door will be installed by then as well.  The shower door is measured after the shower base is put in place.  This is the only way they can get an accurate fit.  It takes several weeks for shower doors to be manufactured and is usually one of the last things to be installed in a bathroom this size.


The next time you see this lower level, Chad will have the space finished and ready for our clients to use.  The transformation is almost complete!

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