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Centerville Lower Level – Drywall

After the installation of drywall, this lower level is really starting to take shape.  We’re now able to visualize what a fantastic space this will be!  Recessed can lights have been installed, the floors have been cleaned of all the drywall dust, and paint is ready to be applied!

The storage room has been framed, drywalled, and doors are ready to be installed.  Anyone needing access to the water heater and furnace will have optimum space.          

The fireplace room has been cleaned up and the walls have been skimmed.  The term “skimming” means applying a very thin layer of drywall mud to any imperfections in the wall or where drywall sheets have been taped together and screwed to the wall.  This is done to make absolutely sure the wall is flat and prepped for paint.  Chad also skimmed the areas where the chair rail was removed.


The hallway to the laundry room, bedroom, and bathroom has been completed as well.  Chad framed in the doorway to the washer and dryer which is ready for a new door.  The new doorway into the bathroom is ready and will provide much easier access now that the traffic pattern doesn’t force you to enter through the bedroom.


The bathroom is now ready for flooring, vanity, toilet, and plumbing fixtures.


The electric panel has been upgraded with Arc Fault Protection, a much safer panel for our homeowners.


The column and stairs are also ready for finishing touches.


The next step for this project will be to paint throughout the entire lower level.  Then the electrical work will be completed, including the installation of energy-efficient LED light kits.  Chad will also be installing all of the doors and trim, and working on the bathroom.  Carpet will be the last item to be installed.  Check back soon to see the color our clients chose for the walls!  They are very excited to see things taking shape!

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