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2023 Kitchen Remodel Design Trends

What’s trending in the world of kitchen remodels? Read on to find out.

1.Warmer Tones

All gray everything is on the way out. Warmer tones like taupe, beige, and tan are increasingly being used. Even all white kitchens are starting to give way to more creams and light wood tones. 

2.Butcher Block Counters

There are some places that butcher block counters are not a good idea – like next to the sink, for example. But somewhere else, like on an island or a peninsula, they are a great idea! Butcher block counters are a great way to have multi-functional spaces. Plus, they add a bit of warmth and character to any kitchen.

3.The Nancy Meyers Aesthetic

Known for films like Father of the Bride, The Holiday, and Home Again, filmmaker Nancy Meyers has a very distinct style to the settings of her films. The kitchen in The Parent Trap was to die for! Meyers’s spaces typically fall into a provincial, coastal, lived-in style. They’d feel at home in the California desert or on the shores of Cape Cod. There’s always lots of natural light, big open spaces for entertaining, and warm-toned neutrals. 

4.Rustic Touches

Modern style homes can be made to feel more lived-in with a few rustic touches here and there. Adding rustic character to your kitchen remodel can be as simple as using some reclaimed wood for an accent range hood or as a ceiling beam. Aged bronze and ironwork are great for metal accents in hardware and lighting fixtures. These rustic touches add warmth without making your kitchen look or feel dated. 

5.Functionality Over Form

If you are looking for a kitchen with great function, consider a more commercial-style pre-rinse faucet (like this Moen Align) or a workstation sink (check out these from Ruvati). Not everything in your kitchen needs to be beautiful – sometimes making sure it functions beautifully is more important than how it looks. 

6.Induction Cooktops

While we are partial to traditional gas stovetops, induction cooking is becoming a trendy appliance consideration. Induction heats up quicker and is said to be more energy efficient than gas, while gas tends to cook more evenly. Another advantage of induction tops is how easy they are to clean. Induction cooktops are available on ranges and as separate cooktops to mount into a countertop. They do cost a bit more upfront, but the reduced need for exhaust and air conditioning, plus the ease of maintenance, make induction costs similar to gas or electric in the long run. If you are considering the pros and cons of induction over gas, let’s talk. We can help you pick the right appliance for your cooking needs. 

Not sure if any of these trends are right for you? One of the great things about our design agreement is we can show exactly what your remodeled space will look like, before we start construction. Learn more about our process here.

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